Training and Capacity Building on Water Quality Remediation Issues, addressed to the technicians of the Iraqi former Atomic Agency


 Funded by

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with the partnership of

ILO tecnologi


Implementation Period: May-November, 2007



   A dedicated training programme was developed to provide assistance and support to the reorganization of the Iraqi Government regarding the subjects of water resources management.The programme was addressed to the former high rank technicians of the Atomic Agency of the Hussain Gov. The purpose was the professional conversion of high qualified personnel from the nuclear subjects to the themes of environment. It is well known in fact that the impact of the wars on the Iraqi natural system was very high, affecting in particular the water quality. The training provided the Iraqi participants with the elements for an efficacious planning, protection, remediation of the water resources, with particular focus to the quality issues. At their back to Iraq, the technicians of the former Atomic Agency were efficaciously employed in the activities of the Directorate General of Water and Technology with whom the details of the educational programme were defined.

The programme was developed in the frame of the inter-institutional cooperation between the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Iraqi Government and Landau Network, signed in 2005 and under the high patronage of the Presidency of the Council of the Ministers of Italy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The course was held at ILO in the frame of a convention ILO-LNCV; the capacity building phase sow the involvement of several Italian water utilities and land planning public organisations.The Iraqi programme was managed by prof Riccardi Redaelli. The scientific addresses of the programme was provided by Dr Rossella Monti, Director General of Hydroaid.