The Landau Network’s main strength is its dynamic and multidisciplinary team, able to respond competently to the various aspects of project management and workshops organization.

An important plus that allowed the Center to win and carry out successfully, since its foundation in 1995, a wide number of international projects.




 FOTO MARTELLINI Maurizio Martellini – Secretary General
ph. +39.031.579821
Maurizio Martellini is Secretary General of the Landau Network-Centro Volta, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Insubria (Como, Italy) and Member of the Pugwash General Conferences. He published in the fields of fundamental physics on specialized journals and authored about a hundred articles on national and international geopolitical and international affairs. He is member of the Scientific Council of Limes – The Italian Review of Geopolitics. As Secretary General of LNCV, Prof. Martellini organized International Conferences, Schools and Workshops and edited publications as well as specific Case Studies. His fields of Research and Analysis are: methods in theoretical and nuclear physics; global issues concerning energy efficiency, military conversion (dual-use technologies), management and disposal of radioactive waste; scientific and technological aspects concerning international security, NBCR disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation issues; internationalization of Science and Technology as a tool of multilateral cooperative diplomacy.



 Rossella-monti Rossella Monti – Director of the Water & Energy Security Programme
ph. 031.579821
Dr. Monti is a water expert and she is the Director of the Water & Energy Security Programme of LNCV since March 2014. She came back to LNCV after an absence of almost 10 years during which she served, since 2005, as Director General of HYDROAID. Prior to becoming the fourth GM of HYDROAID (2005-2013), Dr. Monti, as Director of the Water Security Division of LNCV (1998-2005), was the responsible for the water programme in strategic geopolitical contexts funded by the MoFA of Italy and international organizations, such as FAO, UNESCO, EC. In her role of Secretary General of Terr@A at Politecnico of Milano (since 1998) she also promoted the collaboration of the academic sector with the private one on the subjects of environmental engineering. She has relevant international experience, mainly in developing, emerging and conflicting countries. She leaded working structures, cooperation projects in Africa, Brasil, Asia and she extensively worked in the Middle East and the Balkans. Dr. Monti’s original background is primarily scientific. From 1990 till 2000, she belong to the research circuit and she distinguished at an international level in the sector of river management, fluid dynamics and its industrial applications. First, the Ph.D., after that Post Doc fellows at Politecnico of Milano and Brescia University, invited Senior Scientist fellow at Tel Aviv University and last, scientific agent at the Joint Research Centre of the EC.



carola argiola Carola Argiolas – Collaborator
ph. +39.031.579819
Carola Argiolas collaborates with the LNCV as Assistant Project Manager in the framework of the LNCV Middle East Program. She collaborates in the organization of projects of international cooperation and manages international workshops. She holds a BA in International Science and European Institutions and a MA in International Relations both from the University of Milan – Statale.



 roberta ballabio Roberta Ballabio – Consultant
ph. +39.031.579828
Roberta Ballabio is the LNCV Programme Officer and Analyst in Middle East geopolitics, with special focus on resources management, water and energy security and development cooperation. Graduated in Political Sciences at the University of Milan – Statale, with a specialization in management of development projects, she carried out research programs on social and economic issues with different universities. Before joining LNCV, she collaborated or coordinated programs of international cooperation concerning capacity building and local empowerment in Ghana, Morocco, Cape Verde, Thailand and Pakistan with Italian NGOs.



 fanny consolazio Fanny Consolazio – Project Manager & Events Coordinator
ph. +39.031.579820
Fanny Consolazio is Researcher and Project Manager, she carries out projects of international cooperation, mainly focused on the Middle East area. She organizes and manages workshops and conferences of international relevance. She graduated in International Relations at the University of Milan – Statale, and after that she has followed a post degree course in international cooperation.



Photo_Tatyana Tatyana Novossiolova – Scientific Expert
Tatyana Novossiolova is a Wellcome Trust Doctoral Researcher at the Bradford Disarmament Research Centre. Her research interests include arms control and biological non-proliferation with a focus on Russia and the Former Soviet Union (FSU), terrorism and pedagogy. Tatyana has been involved in curricula development for academic and specialised training courses in the area of arms control and biosecurity. She has delivered lectures and seminars at undergraduate and postgraduate level, led professional training sessions, and published widely in academic and policy literature.