Social and Civil Dialogue toward Reconstruction and Reconciliation

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Developed in the frame of the International Labour Organization (ILO) mission to promote social justice and through this, to contribute to prevent conflict and building peace.


Implementation Period: 2002-2005

Location: Palestinian Authority

Beneficiaries: Palestinian Water Authority


Following the Second Intifada, the social and economic situation in the Occupied Territories was deteriorated, showing alarming levels of poverty and unemployment.

The W&E Security Programme collaborated to the ILO mission designing and implementing a training project for the Palestinian Water Authority, regarding the sectors of water resource management for hydraulic/drinking and farming purposes, aimed at supporting, in technical as well as educational terms, the process of sustainable development in the region.

The project was not intended to provide an overall response to the conflicting situation but rather facilitate the creation of conditions of dialogue and conciliation that will form the basis for a new start after the situation will have returned to normality.

The educational programme duration was 2 years. The programme developed class room training, pilot projects and capacity building.

The main training subjects were:

·         Technical support to planning of primary actions for water resource management

·         Maintenance and management of waste water treatment plants

·         Integrated water management services

·         Technical-hands-on training in the farming sector