Science and Technology for Non Proliferation Program

ScienceAndTechnologyThe program aims to identify current and emerging threats from nuclear-biological-chemical-radiological (NBCR) proliferation and from black marketering of NBCR-related material and equipment, as well as sensitive knowledge diversion. Rather than working from a geographical regional perspective – such as other LNCV programs – it has a thematic, full-scope approach in a post Cold War scenario:

  • Expanding and universalizing Threat Reduction approaches behind Russia/CIS
  • Assessing the nexus between NBCR dual use facilities-equipment-materials-know how in weak-failed states and the existence of fundamentalist radical organizations and illicit trafficking networks
  • Bio-proliferation reduction as a pillar of both of the June 2002 G8 Global Partnership and the 2003 European Security Strategy.

The LNCV participates to international programs aimed to strengthening the G8 Global Partnership, the G8 Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism and the elimination of HEU worldwide.






elenco Analysis of risks related to the misuse of Natural Radioactive Materials for terrorist attacks, European project HOME/2009/ISEC/AG/130
elenco RFBR-INTAS Summer School, September 1998
elenco Summer School on Turbolence, September 1998
elenco Possible Consequences of the Misuse of Biological Sciences



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