Regional Cooperation in the Middle East – EXACT Initiative

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Amongst the multi-lateral process, the most important is certainly the Jordan- Israel – Palestinian Authority process on water , the so-called Middle East Multilateral Working Group (MEMWG) which is part of the Middle East Peace Process and has worked uninterruptedly since 1992 – in spite of the Intifada’s and jointly with the donor governments (United States, European Union, Canada, Norway, France, England, the Netherlands and others) to the development of all those knowledge apparatuses which are required to the implementation of a shared management system.

Amongst the projects in progress, we should mention the Regional Data Banks (RWDB). MEMWG is managed by an executive team (the Executive Action Team – EXACT- chaired by the United States) composed by government representatives of Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.



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Seminar, April, 9th-16th 2000

Workshop, April, 21st-26th 2002