Post War Impact on The Environmental System


Implementation Period: 1998-2003

   On October 1998, Dr. Rossella Monti has been invited by the Serbian Government to participate a meeting in Belgrade addressed to the post war effects on the environmental system. The meeting resulted in an intensive collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Serbia and the University of Belgrade. Among the subjects of analysis:

- Depleted uranium in the food chain, under the high patronage of the Italian Senate and with the collaboration of CNR Bologna, University of Belgrade

- The poisoning of the Danube and Tisa Rivers resulted in the project “Environmental, Socio-Economic and Health impact on cyanide and heavy metals pollution in Central European territories”, under the high patronage of the  Council of Europe (EUR-OPA Major Hazards), Ambassador of Hungary, French Ministry for Foreign Affairs  and developed in partnership with VITUKI (HU), University of Belgrade (SRB), Terr@A  Politecnico of Milano (IT), INERIS (FR).