Milestones in the Middle East

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   The W&E Sec. programme of LNVC, in the frame of its activities of scientific consultancies under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, facilitates, since 1999, the dialogue between Israel and the Territories. These activities were sponsored and gained cooperation of private companies since 1999 also.

The activities have been recognized and encouraged by the Italian Government and at the same time by Israel and Palestinian Authority. Ostensibly because all parties recognize the seriousness of the raised issues while appreciating the purely technical subjects involved, the modality of pursuing of the goals and the transparency of the approach.

This allowed us to establish trustworthy relations with Israelis and Palestinians and to become a technical-scientific partner of both.

Among the achieved results are the following:

  • Signed white paper addressing the cooperation among the hydraulic systems of the Jordan Basin (1999);
  • The organization of an international Forum on Water Security with the participation of the Middle Eastern Hydraulic System (2000);
  • Signed agreement of cooperation between Landau Network and the Palestinian Water Authority PWA (2002);
  • Scientific assistance to the Italian Embassy in Tel Aviv  to the launch of the Italian Israeli Joint R&D programme  (2002);
  • Educational program dedicated to the PWA technicians for the improvement of the sanitation services efficiency (2003);
  • Organisation of the Annual EXACT meeting in Roma in 2004. Thanking this initiative , Italy took part to the multilateral process as a supporting partner.  Italy was represented in the international team by Rossella Monti, the Director of the  W&E Sec. (2003-2004);
  • Signed agreement of the PWA Chairman Kawash to participate the process of developing a masterplan for the Yarqon Basin (2004);
  • Organization of the International Forum “Water Security in the Middle East”, held in Como with the participation of delegations from Palestinian National Authority, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Emirates, Israel (2004);
  • Development of the capacity building programme “Improved Water Management in Palestine: a key for the future of the Middle east”  (2005);
  • Agreement among the Palestinian Water Authority, the Landau Network Centro Volta and the Yarqon Basin Authority for the implementation of the project: “Basin of the Yarqon River: a pilot basin for the definition of common and shared criteria for water management” (2006).