Masterplan for the Israeli-Palestinian Basin of the Yarqon River

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Implementation Period: 2004-ongoing

Location: Israel and Palestinian Authority

Beneficiaries: Israeli and Palestinian communities


The aim is to create a model for the development of a Master Plan for the Yarqon River Basin through the cooperation of experts from Italy, Israel and the Palestinian Authority. A second goal of the project is to use the tools of collective action honed in Italy and Europe in the context of river basin management in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. A third goal is to develop a scheme of governance for the implementation of the Master Plan based on European principles of integrated water resource management.

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The proposed project constitutes a follow-up to the bilateral meetings on Water: Management and Environmental Issues held at the Institute of Sde Boker, Ben Gurion University, on March 10-12, 2004. The conference was jointly organized by the Italian Embassy in Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion University in the Negev with the scientific support of LNCV. The conference was attended by experts and elected officials from the Palestinian Authority, Italy and Israel.

Another important input came also from the Como Forum organised by LNCV and FAO on Nov. 2004. This was attended by the main representatives of water management institutions from Italy, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran and international organisation based also in Syria.

During both conferences, Italian, Israeli and Palestinian colleagues discussed measures to be taken to follow-up the conference with more concrete steps that would optimize the  management of joint water resources and protect these resources from the undesired effects of development. These concrete measures would serve to reduce an already tense situation, as well as provide desperately needed water sources to this arid environment.

The W&E Security Programme of LNCV organised a team of experts headed by the Director Rossella Monti to bring expertise in territorial assessment and the reorganization of the hydraulic system to the conference. The team referred to the EU directive requiring integrated water resource management for all members of the European Union. The general feeling among those at the meeting was that these ideas should be studied and fused into the management process of trans-green line water sources in the area before these ideas are presented to the public.

The idea behind this is that creating a Master Plan for the hydro-geological system would ease international tensions, as well as enable the management system to safeguard and protect watercourses.

To the purpose W&E Security Programme favoured the development also of a study of the hydrographic basin as a join cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian Authority teams. The document serves as base for discussion for further decisions.

Recently W&E Security Programme involved the collaboration of experts from Politecnico of Milano to study the geomorphological characteristics of Yarqon at the  estuary.


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