Dr. Rossella Monti – Director of the Water & Energy Security Programme

Dr. Rossella Monti is the Director of the Water & Energy Security Programme of LNCV since March 2014.

Dr. Monti is water expert with  particular focus to developing and emerging countries.

After an absence of 9 years during which she served, since 2005, as Director General of HYDROAID -a worldwide known Italian nonprofit organization devoted to training and capacity building on water and sanitation issues in developing and emerging countries-, Dr. Monti is again the Director of the W&E Security Programme of Landau Network.

Prior to becoming the fourth GM of HYDROAID, Dr. Monti, as Director of the Water Security Division of LNCV, was the responsible for the water programme in the Middle Eastern area funded by the MoFA of Italy and other international organizations.

Since 1998, Dr. Monti is also the Secretary General of Terr@A, a nonprofit centre of environmental hydraulic studies based at Politecnico of Milano, aimed at promoting the interaction between the academic research and the private sectors on the subjects of environmental hydraulics.

Chairlady Rossella Monti; Erica Rivolta, Italian Parlament; Francesco Santoro, Ministry of Insfrastructure of Italy

Chairlady Rossella Monti; Erica Rivolta, Italian Parlament; Francesco Santoro, Ministry of Insfrastructure of Italy

In her career, Dr. Monti extensively collaborated with FAO, UNESCO, UN-ECOSO, UNDESA, EC, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the local Governments, the local Universities and the various expressions of the civil society for the achievement of the target results. She took part to several international commissions on water and sanitation headed by UN agencies and worldwide known organizations. She led international cooperation projects in the Middle East, in Cambodia, in Brazil (interistitutional collaboration between Min of Cidades and Hydroaid), in Sierra Leone, in Ethiopia, in Burkina Faso, in the Balkans. She promoted several advanced training programs for the water managers of more than 60 developing countries, some of these were realized in partnership with ILO in Torino. She organized international events, like: Turbulence Theoretical Concepts and Industrial Applications 1998 in partnership  with UNESCO and JRC EC; Capri 2000; Capri 2002; Food Security under Water Scarcity in the Middle East 2004 in partnership with FAO and CIHEAM;  in 2012 the UNDESA side events in Rio+20; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy side event at the World Water Forum (WWF) in Marseille 2012. She chaired  several international conferences and gave lectures at worldwide known institutes. She took part to the EXACT multilateral IL-PA-JO and she brought to Hydroaid the special consultative status to ECOSOC. She first launched in 2008 a distance learning program on the subjects of sanitation management, waste recycling, environmental planning. The educational programme she led was specifically addressed to developing countries and counts almost 1000 alumni all over the world.

Dr. Monti in her duties provides intellectual, strategic and operational leadership in planning and implementing the activities by early identification of issues and events of relevance to the achievement of the goals.

Among the experiences also the effective and efficient management of the office’s human resources, administration and operations since 2002.

For nearly half of her career, Dr. Monti has served in international research both in Italy, at Politecnico di Milano and Brescia University, both abroad at the JRC of EC and the Tel Aviv University. The subjects of research were related to non linear fluidynamic, particle transports in nuclear accidents and drag reduction.

 She has published numerous papers and several books with international editors.

She holds MS in environmental engineering, Ph.D. in fluid dynamics and two Post DOC fellows in non linear systems, respectively from Politecnico of Milano and University of Tel Aviv.

In the early steps of her career, she also served as free consultant for the Ministry of Environment of Italy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, the Basin Authority of the Po River and others bodies.

Due to the different rules she had in her career and the different frames in which she worked, from science to cooperation through geopolitics, acquired the capability to work in multi-disciplinary and multi-culture environments, to assume responsibility, to coordinate activities and persons focusing goals. She has  character and determination in pursuing the objectives. Daily she deals with international organisations, governmental bodies and diplomacy.


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