CBRN Security and Safety

CBRNLNCV coordinated a number of initiatives aimed at assessing the levels of awareness of life scientists and technologists and at designing strategies to promote awareness raising on dual use concerns.

Most of these initiatives have been carried via the establishment of national and regional “networks” of universities and research institutes in order to:

a) elicit an understanding of the levels of awareness and the attitudes of scientists;

b) develop accessible training materials, tailored to the needs of the local scientific communities and based on multidisciplinarity.

The two most recent projects within this program are:

.     EUBARnet (The European Biosecurity Awareness Raising Network), which ran in 2011-2012 and connected universities and organizations in the EU that work on raising the awareness among life scientists, with the purpose of promoting information for students and young scientists.

.    EU CBRN CoE Project 18 (International Network of Universities and Institutes for Raising Awareness on Dual-Use Concerns in Biotechnology), which started in January 2013 and is still ongoing. The Consortium of 18 Universities and Institutes from 14 different countries is committed to carrying out a number of activities,  including seminars and workshops, to raise awareness on dual-use concerns, particularly among students and young life scientists.






elenco EU CBRN CoE Project 18
elenco The European Biosecurity Awareness Raising Network



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