Sustainable Development as an antidote against hunger, poverty and wars

This article deals with the thematic of development. It analyses the multiplicity and the complexity of the involved subjects. Two real cases in the Middle East and Upper Nile are taken as examples. The article describes how the goals in both these cases are achieved through ambitious regional programs addressed to environmental management, to technology innovation and to structural investments. Emphasis is on the regional and political scales of the programs for development and on resources sharing for the durability and sustainability of the proposed solutions. Last, the article addresses the reader through the complexity of the nexus among the main drivers of development: water, energy, soil for which it appears necessary to enter into the social and political dimension too.

Key words: development, nexus, water, energy, poverty, food, hunger, EXPO2015, Ethiopia, Jordan River, Aqaba, desalination, energy plan, governance, multipolar, GERD, risks, sustainability.

published in Rivista L’Acqua n. 1/2015. Copyright Associazione Idrotecnica Italiana

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